tem_init_restart Subroutine

public subroutine tem_init_restart(me, solver, varMap, tree, subTree, nDofs_write, chunkSize, solSpec_unit)

Initialize the global restart data type and prepare for the restart output

This routine is called as well for read as for write restart tasks It must be called after tem_load_restart and before the first call to any of tem_restart_* This routine is called only when restart is read from the restart table. If restart is performed from the initial condition table, then different routines (which are basically wrapped around by this one) are invoked


Type IntentOptional AttributesName
type(tem_restart_type), intent(inout) :: me

The restart object to initialize.

type(tem_solveHead_type), intent(in), optional :: solver

Details about the solver.

type(tem_varMap_type), intent(in) :: varMap

Description of each variable system. This is ignored, if the data is provided by reading a restart. Contains position of variables to dump in restart file in global variable system for a scheme

type(treelmesh_type), intent(in) :: tree

Mesh, provided in treelm format

type(tem_subTree_type), intent(in), optional :: subTree

optional subTree of the given tree

integer, intent(in), optional :: nDofs_write

number of degrees of freedom for each variable of the equation system

integer, intent(in), optional :: chunkSize

use predefined chunkSize

integer, intent(in), optional :: solSpec_unit

Solver specific unit for restart header


proc~~tem_init_restart~~CallsGraph proc~tem_init_restart tem_init_restart proc~tem_restart_gettotalchunks tem_restart_getTotalChunks proc~tem_init_restart->proc~tem_restart_gettotalchunks proc~tem_init_restart_create_types tem_init_restart_create_types proc~tem_init_restart->proc~tem_init_restart_create_types proc~tem_init_restart_alloc tem_init_restart_alloc proc~tem_init_restart->proc~tem_init_restart_alloc proc~newunit newunit proc~tem_init_restart->proc~newunit mpi_comm_rank mpi_comm_rank proc~tem_restart_gettotalchunks->mpi_comm_rank mpi_allreduce mpi_allreduce proc~tem_restart_gettotalchunks->mpi_allreduce proc~tem_abort tem_abort proc~tem_restart_gettotalchunks->proc~tem_abort proc~check_mpi_error check_mpi_error proc~tem_init_restart_create_types->proc~check_mpi_error mpi_type_contiguous mpi_type_contiguous proc~tem_init_restart_create_types->mpi_type_contiguous mpi_type_commit mpi_type_commit proc~tem_init_restart_create_types->mpi_type_commit proc~tem_init_restart_create_types->proc~tem_abort mpi_type_size mpi_type_size proc~tem_init_restart_create_types->mpi_type_size proc~tem_solvertag tem_solverTag proc~tem_init_restart_alloc->proc~tem_solvertag proc~check_mpi_error->proc~tem_abort mpi_error_string mpi_error_string proc~check_mpi_error->mpi_error_string mpi_abort mpi_abort proc~tem_abort->mpi_abort

Called by

proc~~tem_init_restart~~CalledByGraph proc~tem_init_restart tem_init_restart proc~hvs_output_init hvs_output_init proc~hvs_output_init->proc~tem_init_restart proc~tem_init_tracker tem_init_tracker proc~tem_init_tracker->proc~hvs_output_init


Source Code

Source Code

  subroutine tem_init_restart( me, solver, varMap, tree, subTree,   &
    &                          nDofs_write, chunkSize, solSpec_unit )
    ! -------------------------------------------------------------------- !
    !> The restart object to initialize.
    type(tem_restart_type), intent(inout)          :: me
    !> Details about the solver.
    type(tem_solveHead_type), optional, intent(in) :: solver
    !> Description of each variable system.
    !! This is ignored, if the data is provided by reading
    !! a restart.
    ! type(tem_varSys_type), intent(in)              :: varSys
    !> Contains position of variables to dump in restart file in global
    !! variable system for a scheme
    type(tem_varMap_type), intent(in)              :: varMap
    !> Mesh, provided in treelm format
    type(treelmesh_type), intent(in)               :: tree
    !> optional subTree of the given tree
    type(tem_subTree_type), optional, intent(in)   :: subTree
    !> number of degrees of freedom for each variable of the equation system
    integer, optional, intent(in)                  :: nDofs_write
    !> use predefined chunkSize
    integer, optional, intent(in)                  :: chunkSize
    !> Solver specific unit for restart header
    integer, optional, intent(in)                  :: solSpec_unit
    ! -------------------------------------------------------------------- !
    integer :: comm, rank, comm_size, locElems
    integer(kind=long_k) :: globElems, elemOff
    integer :: read_stat
    logical :: nUnitOpened
    character(len=320) :: solve_line
    ! -------------------------------------------------------------------- !

    ! set information about variables to be dumped in restart format.
    ! Do this irrespective of read or write restart
    me%varMap = varMap

    ! Get the total number of chunks necessary to write data-set through IO
    ! buffer to disk.
    if ( present( subTree ) ) then
      comm      = subTree%global%comm
      rank      = subTree%global%myPart
      comm_size = subTree%global%nParts
      globElems = subTree%global%nElems
      elemOff   = subTree%elemOffset
      locElems  = int(subTree%nElems)
      comm      = tree%global%comm
      rank      = tree%global%myPart
      comm_size = tree%global%nParts
      globElems = tree%global%nElems
      elemOff   = tree%elemOffset
      locElems  = int(tree%nElems)
    end if

    ! Invoke the routine to allocate various variables
    call tem_init_restart_alloc( me          = me,         &
      &                          comm        = comm,       &
      &                          rank        = rank,       &
      &                          comm_size   = comm_size,  &
      &                          solver      = solver,     &
      &                          nDofs_write = nDofs_write )

    ! Loop over all the systems to create MPI types for reading restart
    ! Invoke the routine which creates MPI Types
    call tem_init_restart_create_types( me      = me,        &
      &                                 elemOff   = elemOff, &
      &                                 locElems  = locElems )

    call tem_restart_getTotalChunks( restart = me,         &
      &                              nElems  = locElems,   &
      &                              comm    = comm,       &
      &                              chunkSize = chunkSize )

    ! In root of this restart type,
    ! if write restart is active and solSpec_unit is present
    ! and opened then copy the content in solSpec_unit to internal
    ! restart scratch unit
    me%solSpec_unit = -1
    if (me%comm%rank == 0 .and. me%controller%writeRestart) then
      if (present(solSpec_unit)) then
        if (solSpec_unit>0) then
          write(dbgUnit(10),*) 'Writing solver specific info in restart:'
          inquire(unit=solSpec_unit, opened=nUnitOpened)
          if (nUnitOpened) then
            me%solSpec_unit = newunit()
            open(unit=me%solSpec_unit, status='scratch')
              read(solSpec_unit,'(a)', iostat=read_stat) solve_line
              if (read_stat /= 0) EXIT
               write(dbgUnit(10),*) trim(solve_line)
              write(me%solSpec_unit,'(a)') trim(solve_line)
            end do
          end if !unitOpened
        end if  !solSpecUnit>0
      end if !present solSpecUnit
    end if !root process and active writeRestart

  end subroutine tem_init_restart