tem_prophead_module Module

Declaration of the element property header data, which is globally defined for all processes.

Each property is described by a label, the bit position it is encoded in in the elempropertybits of the mesh and the total number of elements with this property found in the mesh.


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Used by

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Derived Types

type, public :: tem_prophead_type


TypeVisibility AttributesNameInitial
character(len=64), public :: label

A label to describe this property

integer, public :: bitpos

The position of the bit, which flags the presence of this property for an element.

integer(kind=long_k), public :: nElems

Total number of elements with this property


public subroutine load_tem_prophead(me, myPart, comm, conf, root)

Load the property header from the mesh file.


Type IntentOptional AttributesName
type(tem_prophead_type), intent(out) :: me(:)

Property to load

integer, intent(in) :: myPart

The process within comm, calling the routine

integer, intent(in) :: comm

MPI Communicator within which the mesh is loaded.

type(flu_State) :: conf

Lua state containing the mesh description.

integer, intent(in), optional :: root

The root process doing the IO, defaults to 0.

public subroutine dump_tem_prophead(me, conf)

Subroutine to dump property header informations into a Lua file.


Type IntentOptional AttributesName
type(tem_prophead_type), intent(in) :: me(:)

Property to write

type(aot_out_type) :: conf

aotus lua state to write output

public subroutine tem_prop_countelems(me, elempropertybits, comm)

Subroutine to (re-)count the global number of elements the property.

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Type IntentOptional AttributesName
type(tem_prophead_type), intent(inout) :: me

Property to count and set the number of elements for.

integer(kind=long_k), intent(in) :: elempropertybits(:)

Propertybits of all elements.

integer, intent(in) :: comm

MPI communicator within which the mesh is distributed.