Mesh generator, providing the mesh with tree information.

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Seeder Mesh Generator

The goal of Seeder is simple: create an octree mesh out of a given geometry. Typically the geometry is given in the form of STL-files. As simple as this goal is the basic idea for the construction of this mesh. The user first has to describe the cubical outline of the mesh, which has to enclose the complete geometry. This is referred to as bounding_cube. It is the root node of the octree, from which all elements of the mesh are derived by recursive bisection in all three spatial dimensions. The generated mesh will be written to the location provided by the folder setting. This either is simply a prefix to use for all mesh file names or a directory, if it is a directory, the string has to include the path-separator at the end, and the directory has to exist. A third global setting can be used to define a minimial refinement level to use for all elements that will be part of the final mesh. This minlevel setting provides a method to prescribe a minimal resolution for the complete domain, if it is not provided the resolution will only be defined by the geometrical objects you put into the bounding cube. See the fully periodic cube example for a mesh that uses only these three settings.

Getting Started

  • Quick Start: Building and Compiling Seeder
  • Treelm Requirements
  • Testsuite: An introduction to the usage of the features of Seeder. You are guided through all required steps to generate meshes with different configurations.
  • Transformations like translation, scaling, reflection and rotation can be applied to all geometric objects.
  • Geometric definitions, have to be given one of the attributes.

    Attributes are defined by their kind:

    • Boundary
    • Seed
    • Refinement level, that describes the minimal refinement level by which the object should be resolved
    • and some kind specific further values, like a label for boundary conditions

For some further internal details see:

  • the overall algorithm.

  • Octree describes the implementation of the Octree data structure in a little more detail.

  • Treelm is a common library that implements the octree mesh handling for the solvers.

  • Aotus is a library that provides the access to Lua scripts as configuration files.

Developer Info

University of Siegen