assignment(=) Interface

public interface assignment(=)

Taking care of the linked list in a copying routine for the assignment of aot_path_type.


interface~~assignment(=)~~CallsGraph interface~assignment(=) assignment(=) proc~aot_path_copy aot_path_copy interface~assignment(=)->proc~aot_path_copy proc~aot_fin_path aot_fin_path proc~aot_path_copy->proc~aot_fin_path proc~aot_path_delnode aot_path_delNode proc~aot_fin_path->proc~aot_path_delnode


Module Procedures

private subroutine aot_path_copy(left, right)

Copy a given path object, this is the implementation of the assignment left = right.


Type IntentOptional AttributesName
type(aot_path_type), intent(inout) :: left

Object to assign a path to

type(aot_path_type), intent(in) :: right

Path to be copied